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The rarely updated blog of Joel Dixon

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feta, Sushi and Underwear

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 04/02/2010 23:18:24

That's right - I knocked off items 2, 3 and 9 from my 10 things for 2010 list.

Feta and Sushi have been eaten (not as bad as I remember them), and I feel I'm now ambi-jock-drous.

That's 5 items out of the 10 down, half-way there. But it also means I'm running out of the easy wins (or low-hanging fruit as managers like to say).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pimpy McHat Attack

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 15/01/2010 00:41:41

I'm flying through my 10 things for '10 list, wearing a hat at number 8 has now been crossed off.

As part of my birthday outing, Bell and I went shopping for some clothes for me. Firstly - it's brilliant to have jeans that don't require a belt to prevent panty flashing. I also made sure we added a hat to the shopping trolley, and I'm now the proud owner of a pinstripe fedora.

Proud owner might be too much. Maybe a resigned owner

To be honest - it's clearly not something I would normally wear - but I guess that's the point of my list. I got a bit of crap for wearing it - but I actually didn't mind the look of it, especially when I have it at the rakish angle that Bell taught me.

So that's two down, only eight items to go. Too easy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chai did it!

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 14/01/2010 21:28:03

Well - number 1 has been successfully crossed off from my 10 things list.

I really loved the Chai Latte - but don't think I'd have it often with all that sugar and milk. When I tried a normal Chai (sans milk and sugar) yesterday I still really enjoyed it. I love cinnamon - so I don't know why I never gave Chai a try before.

I've also started some of my longer term items such as getting more sun and boxers or briefs - but I'm not ready to cross them off yet.

Wonder how long I can maintain this pace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10 things for 2010

# Posted by Joel Dixon at 12/01/2010 22:54:10

At work I'm often accused of resembling a grumpy old man. It's partly because I don't like many other people (they generally shit me), and partly because I'm very resistant to change. An example of this is that I eat the same meal every night, because it's easier to prepare one large batch each Saturday. (I personally believe I'm just sacrificing variety to gain ease, price and healthiness).

So to expand my horizons and teach me that change is not always bad, a list of 10 new things were drawn up for me (and neatly laminated). The intention is that I will slowly try these 10 new things in 2010. Here's the list:

Things To Eat

1. Chai Tea / Chai Latte
Chai - apparently Chai means tea, so Chai Tea is like saying PIN Number or My Cute Ragdolls

I don't drink tea or coffee, so we thought Chai would be a good start. I've actually almost achieved this one already, as in the afternoon I tried a Chai Latte. It may have something to do with the copious amount of sugar - but I really liked it, I'm looking forward to a proper Chai.

2. Sushi
Knitted sushi

I'm not too happy about this one. I've been told I don't have to try the crazy raw-fish sushi, but my main problem with sushi is the seaweed. I really dislike the taste. But who knows, my taste buds may have changed in the last few years so I'll give it a go.

3. Feta
Is feta better? No whey!

I'd really like to enjoy this new thing - as I absolutely love cheese. Cheese is right up there with onion as my co-favourite edible ingredients. I like pretty much every type of cheese I've tried. Some I like more than others - but I've often said that cheese will improve most meals.

My problem with feta is illustrated by the above image. At the deli, the feta is sitting in water. Apparently the water is actually whey, but I just don't enjoy seeing my cheese sitting in a water-like liquid. I think after I try it - I'll quite like feta.

4. Vegetarian
Thankfully it's only for a week

Another one I don't really agree with - I'm going to be vegetarian for most of one week (Monday breakfast to Friday breakfast inclusive). It's supposed to show me that meals aren't necessarily bad without meat - but I assume it will prove the opposite. I predict a lot of canned baked beans during that week.

Things To Do

5. Get more sun
Sunbathing Turtles

It is no secret that I am a very pasty-white individual, most of my family is. Our mixed-basketball team's name of The Clag-Eaters is a reference to this. So one of the list's contributers thought that 10 minutes of sun, three days a week for a month would be a benefit for me.

I predict I'll fry within a week.

6. Take Drum Lessons

I kinda snuck this one in - as I've been wanting to learn the drums for a long time now. Once I sell the house, one of my first purchases will be a drum kit and drum lessons. Surely my countless hours at Rock Band has made me a rock god by now!

7. Overseas Trip
U R Gay
U R Gay [tee hee]

Another one I'm not too upset about - who doesn't want to go on a holiday. The idea behind this one is that I'm not allowed to go to the US or Canada - I need to step outside of my comfort zone. I would like to visit some Asian countries - or maybe Europe. Another one that needs to wait until the house is sold.

Things To Wear

8. Hat
Awesome Hat
The awesomeness is clear

I've lost around 15 to 20 kilos over the last 6 months - so most of my clothes don't fit me anymore. I've been planning on doing a big shop soon to re-stock my wardrobe, and maybe trying to buy clothes that the young people might call trendy. Part of this effort would include buying a hat that is not a baseball cap. But probably not a knitted mustache hat either.

9. Boxers or Briefs?

My little sister bought me a crazy pair of novelty Domo Kun jocks, all brown with Domo's unmistakable mouth in the crotchal region. I thought they were hilarious, but I've worn boxers exclusively since I started high school.

Boxers or Briefs is my attempt to become ambi-jock-drous (i.e. wear either boxers or briefs, as the situation requires).

10. Sandals

Thongs disgust me. I do not own a single pair of thongs, and I do not remember ever owning thongs. I may have had some when I was too young to know better - but I hope not. I think it's mainly the rubber thing going between the toes that offends me. And as far as footwear goes, thongs are quite dangerous.

When it gets hot - I still wear my normal shoes which can get uncomfortable. I would not budge on the thong issue - but I did agree to give sandals a try.

Hopefully I'll achieve all 10 new things in 2010 - there shouldn't be too much holding me back. It would be a good result if I found a few extra things I could enjoy in life - but I'm not holding my breath!

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